What part of Spain has the cheapest property in 2024?

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When deciding to move, you might be interested in the cheapest places in Spain to buy property. Investment in Spanish real estate is constantly increasing, as more and more people in the world want to buy an apartment or house in a country with a wonderful climate and a high standard of living.

City view in Spain

Nearly any property for sale deserves your attention. However, a prudent buyer searches for good value for money or simply for the cheapest property in Spain.

Prices for the cheapest real estate in Spain

It would be logical to search for cheap real estate in the remote places, away from the big cities and the coast. The cheapest place to buy real estate in Spain is located in the town of Alcaudet de la Jara (province of Toledo) and in 2023 the cost was € 316 per 1 sq. m. In total, more than 800 of these towns are located in different parts of the country, where you can buy decent housing for € 30,000 - 35,000.

Sunset in Alcaudet de la Jara, Spain
In large cities, you can also find interesting properties for a small price, but here we might be talking about the outskirts and secondary housing, often requiring sufficient repairs.

Is it possible to expect that the cheapest property to buy in Spain can be located on the coast? In coastal cities, a large number of people from different parts of the world are usually looking for a place for recreation, business or permanent residence. Therefore, real estate prices in coastal areas are considerably high due to high demand.

The cheapest coastal property in Spain

If you carefully study the sources of information on the Internet or from specialized agencies, you can see that there are many places in coastal areas where real estate prices are quite affordable.

City Province Price, €/sq.m
La Pobla Llarga Valencia 448
Bullas Murcia 462

The town of Bullas is located within an hour's drive from the major seaside cities of Murcia, Alicante and Cartagena with a developed tourist infrastructure and picturesque beaches. Bullas is famous for its winemaking and beautiful nature.

Summer in Bullas, Spain

City Province Price of a two-bedroom apartment, €
Torrevieja Alicante 50,000-60,000
La Zenia Alicante 80,000

Not far from the major port city of Malaga (Andalusia), in the town of Coin, you can buy a four-bedroom townhouse for € 100,000.

Let us take a look at a few options located near the sea coast, which today can be considered the cheapest coastal property in Spain.

1 - Cheapest coastal property in Los Alcazares in the province of Murcia

Apartments located in the Los Narejos area of the town of Los Alcazares in the province of Murcia. The small town is located within walking distance of the beaches of the Mar Menor and is known for its excellent golf courses. The apartment is located on the second floor, on the first floor there is a spacious storage room.

Sea and beach in Los Alcazares, Spain

Apartment with one bedroom, bathroom and glazed balcony, which can be used as an extra room. There is a spacious living room with a kitchen. The area of the apartment is 35 sq. m, cost - € 49,900.

2 - Cheapest coastal property in Algorfa in the province of Valencia

Apartments with an area of 55 sq. m in the town of Algorfa in the province of Valencia worth € 47,500. An apartment with a spacious living room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms (the main bedroom has direct access to one of the bathrooms), partly furnished, the bedrooms have built-in wardrobes. The building has an elevator, and there are two solariums on the roof. The apartments are located near a shopping center, bars and restaurants.

Cathedral in Algorfa, Spain

3 - Cheapest coastal property in Oliva in the province of Valencia

Townhouse in the municipality of Oliva (province of Valencia) with an area of 75 sq. m and cost € 38,000. Near the house, there is a plot of 25 sq.. On the ground floor, there is a dining room with a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. On the second floor there is another bedroom, there is also a third floor with a storage room and a terrace.

Top view of the city of Oliva, Spain

Cost of your stay in Spain

When looking for the cheapest real estate, you should keep in mind that the cost of your stay will also include the cost of utilities, food, transportation, and recreation. For example, maintaining an inexpensive apartment in Spain costs:

Annual tax (IBI) € 200-500
Electricity bill € 400-600
Gas bill € 200-300
Communication and Internet services € 200-500
Total (year) € 1000-1900

The cheapest place to buy property in Spain is a relative concept. Someone is looking for the cheapest place to buy property in Spain in a general sense. Then this is a remote place, where you can also get comfortable. While for someone else, the search for cheap real estate is necessarily associated with living by the sea. In this case, we recommend paying attention to the coastal cities :

  • Costa Blanca 
  • Costa Calida 
  • Alicante 
  • Murcia 
  • Valencia 

There, for an adequate price, you can find something that will make you happy.


What part of Spain has the cheapest property?

The cheapest real estate is located in rural areas - in the provinces of Toledo, Cordoba, Granada, Valencia.

Where is the cheapest place to live in Spain?

The cheapest place to live in Spain is located in small towns - in the provinces of Toledo, Cordoba, Granada, Valencia.

Are property prices dropping in Spain?

Real estate prices in Spain are gradually rising due to an increase in the number of people from all over the world who want to buy real estate and a corresponding increase in demand. However, the competition in the real estate market is also high, so it is quite possible to purchase a quality property at an affordable price.

Where in Spain is it best to buy a property?

You can buy property in Spain in any area, depending on your requirements and financial situation. In large cities and on the coast, real estate prices are quite high, although inexpensive properties can be found on the outskirts. In the depths of the country, real estate prices are more than reasonable.


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