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A cookie is a small piece of text that is used to remember something about you or your device.

Without cookies, every time you visit, we cannot remember who you are and we cannot do many of the things you expect from us. We cannot let you log in because we forget who you are. We cannot let you save properties or search results because we forget what you are looking for.

So we just use cookies to remember who you are and what you do on our website.

We place some other cookies from services such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, and these cookies help us analyze how you find us and how you use These cookies are often used by these services, primarily to let ads on one website know what you liked on another.

If you are really worried about cookies, you can turn them off completely, but like many websites, just won't work well, or won't work at all. Your best bet would be to disable third-party cookies, which will prevent most websites from sharing information about you.

You can find a great guide to disabling some or all cookies here.

The cookies we use and why we use them

Essential cookies

These are our own cookies and are required for to work. Without them, we will not be able to work properly, for example, a cookie that allows you to log in or remember your searches.

We will also create a session cookie, which is required for your use of some interactive elements of, such as contact forms. The cookie contains a session ID, which is a mechanism that distinguishes your visit to from any other visitors who may be using this website at the same time.

Third Party Cookies may include features provided by third parties. A typical example is an embedded YouTube video.

Third party cookies on WTG Spain are not required for the website to function. You can decide to enable or disable these cookies by updating your cookie settings.

Our site contains the following sites that use cookies:

Visitor statistics cookies

We use cookies to collect visitor statistics such as how many people have visited, what type of device they are using (such as Mac or Windows, which helps determine when our site is down), how long they spend ... on the site, what pages they look at, etc. This helps us to continually improve These `` analytical '' programs also tell us on an anonymous basis how people got to (for example, from a search engine) and whether they were here before, helping us to invest more money in developing our services for you.

Cookies to improve the site

We regularly test new designs or site features at We do this by showing slightly different versions of our website to different people and by anonymously tracking how visitors react to those different versions. This ultimately helps us to offer you a better website.

Advertising cookies

Cookies are widely used in online advertising. Neither we, nor advertisers, nor our advertising partners can obtain personally identifiable information from these cookies. We only work with advertising partners who operate in accordance with accepted privacy standards.

You can learn more about online advertising at , where you can opt out of almost all advertising cookies - although opting out of advertising cookies doesn't mean you won't see ads, it just won't be tailored to you anymore.

Banner Ads

These advertisements are usually managed by a partner specializing in providing advertisements for multiple sites. These partners place cookies to collect anonymous data about the websites you visit, so that they can personalize ads for you, make sure you don't see the same ads too often, and tell advertisers which ads are working.

Remarketing cookies

You may notice that sometimes after visiting a site, you see an increase in the number of ads from the site you visited. This is because advertisers, sometimes ourselves, pay for these ads. For this, cookies are used, so you can receive 'remarketing cookies' while visiting. We may use this advertisement to encourage you to return to by showing items that may interest you. Don't worry, the whole process is completely anonymous and you can opt out of these cookies at any time as described above.

More information

For more information on how we use cookies, please contact us.

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