The cost of real estate services in Spain

In case of buying a property from the primary market, real estate services for the buyer are absolutely free. Yes, that’s right – absolutely free!

Since all of the real estate services in Spain are payed for by the seller (the construction company). And if the buyer directly contacts the construction company, without a real estate agent as an intermediary, he is NOT saving anything. Since according to Spanish law, the price of the primary property from the construction company and from the real estate agent has to be THE SAME.

BUT, this works only for primary market. As for the the secondary market, here the cost of real estate services can vary from 6 to 12% from the price of the property, depending on the agent or the company.

Another important factor is, of course, a guarantee. When buying new property, the buyer gets:

  •  5-year guarantee on the finishing of the property
  •  and 2-year guarantee for appliances. 
When buying secondary property, the buyer, of course, does not get any guarantees.

Also, when buying primary property, the real estate agency will always protect the client’s interest. That’s why an agent, having the knowledge, the experience and the reputation, will always do everything possible not only to lower the price for the client, but also to receive the largest package of services from the seller (the construction company). 

When buying secondary property, the agent’s commissions are not fixed by the seller (the construction company) and will depend on the overall price of the property sold. 

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