Why choose Townhouses in Spain

Spain is a country that you will have desire to return to again and again. Those who have visited this country at least once, be sure that they dream of coming to Spain not only to relax, but at least, to think briefly about their own housing in the resort towns of the hot country. More than 300 sunny days a year, mild continental climate, delicious and always fresh fruits, gifts and delicacies of the Mediterranean Sea, tart wine, as well as a thousand-year history and culture - these are the very reasons why you should live in Spain.

There are many property options in Spain. One of the most popular is the townhouses. Such a cloister is a residential building on one floor. Usually for one family. There is a veranda in the townhouses for your unforgettable evenings. Here you can enjoy a glass of sugary Sangria and feast your eyes on the sunsets, play with the kids and even grow tropical fruits in pots. Usually such housing is simply separated from each other by small partitions or fences, but the walls with your neighbors will be common.

The cost of the townhouses depends on proximity to the sea, the time of construction of the building, and of course, infrastructure. Therefore, the price of a townhouses is from 100 to 350 thousand euros.

A more expensive type of housing in Spain is townhouses. But each has its own separate entrance and courtyard. Only some walls can be common. The owners of the first floor get their own patio-veranda, and the owner of such housing on the top floor receives a solarium. Buying a townhouse is a fairly profitable investment of your money. You can buy a townhouse in Spain on the sea both for permanent residence and for summer holidays. When you do not live and relax in your monastery, you can rent it out.

Prices for townhouses in Spain are quite different - from 110 thousand euros to 350 thousand euros. It all depends on the location, state of housing and the proximity of all infrastructure facilities. You can buy townhouses in Spain, both in the old part of resort towns, and in newly built urbanizations. Affordable housing is available in the Costa Blanca region. Slightly more expensive, these types of properties will cost on the Costa Brava.