Guarantees for purchasing real estate in Spain

One of the main advantages of purchasing a new property in Spain is guarantees from developers, which are fully responsible to the buyer for any material damage that may occur from the completion date.

So, here are the guarantees the buyer receives from a builder:

1. A 10-year construction warranty

Within ten years, you can make any claims to the developer for any defects that affect the foundation, supports, beams, load-bearing walls, or other structural elements that threaten the mechanical strength and stability of the building. All defects will be fixed in the shortest time possible!

2. A 3-year warranty for finishing materials

Each developer provides its customers with a three-year guarantee for both indoor and outdoor finishing materials, as well as for all types of repair, finishing, and construction works. It can be plastering, painting, tiling work, electrical and plumbing work, and so on.

3. A 2-year warranty for all electrical appliances

Since we are talking about new property, primary market, it is natural that all electrical appliances inside are also new and have their own warranty cards for a period of up to two years, depending on the manufacturer.

4. Reputation guarantee

There is one more, unspoken, type of guarantee, the so-called "joint liability of developers to buyers and real estate agencies." The success of any developer directly depends on his reputation. Therefore, each developer values his name, because in case of any misunderstandings, he, naturally, will lose not only buyers but also intermediaries in the person of real estate agencies. Therefore, quality and timely service is a top priority for any builder in Spain.


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