Types of properties in Spain

Types of properties in Spain

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Today we are going to look at the main types of properties in Spain. We will find out what a studio, bungalow, townhouse, penthouse or duplex is and how they differ from each other.

You will need these terms if you are thinking about buying your own home on the sunny coast.

  • So, the most common type of property is an apartment (or a flat), which is called a piso in Spain. They are usually located in gated multi-storey complexes with their own territory. There may be communal swimming pools, playgrounds and sports grounds, parking, and much more that belong to a specific residence. All apartments can be divided into 3 types.

The first one is a studio (or estudio in Spanish). This is the simplest type of an apartment where the living room, bedroom and kitchen are combined into one room, with an area of 20 to 40 sq. m. Studios are rarely used for permanent residence. Most often they are tourist rentals.

The second type is a full-fledged apartment (a condo or piso in Spanish), which has one or more bedrooms.

The third and most prestigious type is a penthouse (or ático in Spanish). This is an apartment on the top floor with large windows and a magnificent view. Penthouses are often more expensive than ordinary apartments on the lower floors. 

  • Another popular type of property in Spain is a bungalow, that is an apartment with its own separate entrance. Bungalows are usually located in two-storey buildings that have a pool common to all residents on the adjacent territory.

The bungalows located on the ground floor, in Spanish> bungalow bajo, have their own courtyard. On the area you can plant a garden or install a gazebo or a barbecue.

The upper floor bungalow or bungalow alto has a solarium on the roof, where you can put sun loungers, an umbrella or make a canopy. Solariums are often glazed or covered with a canopy, creating an additional floor.

Each bungalow has a separate entrance: on the lower floor through the courtyard and on the upper floor — by a narrow staircase.

  • Duplex is also a very popular type of property in Spain. There are 2 types of duplexes.

The first option is a two-storey building in a residential complex for several families, which has its own separate entrance. At the same time, one or more walls are shared with neighbours. The second option is a duplex apartment in a multi–storey building.

Duplexes are built on the territory of modern urbanizations, where you can find everything necessary for a pleasant life: swimming pools, children's and sports grounds, tennis courts and golf courses.

  • A townhouse differs from a duplex in that it is an actual full-fledged house, not an apartment. One or two walls are shared with neighbours as well, but it is much larger in size. It can have a living room with a fireplace, several bedrooms and bathrooms.

Another difference between a townhouse and a duplex is the presence of a land plot in front of the house with a barbecue area.

Houses in Spain are of three types: separate — which are called "casa", adjacent — "pareado" and "finca", which means a rural house.

Each owner of the house has not only a separate entrance, but also a separate plot that can be landscaped to their taste.

  • A villa is the same house, but with a larger area and a huge garden. This type of property belongs to the elites. Villas are built more often in groups, in prestigious resort areas with developed infrastructure.

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