Top 10 Things You Should Never Do In Spain

Have you decided to visit Spain without getting into an awkward situation? Then this video is for you! So, here are the "TOP 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER DO IN SPAIN"

1. Are you a well-mannered man who decided to give up your seat to a beautiful girl or woman on public transport? Do not even try to do this, otherwise you will offend the person you wanted to please. Spanish women are incredibly self-sufficient and very sensitive to gender equality, so they will perceive such a gesture as gross humiliation.

2. Before taking a photo, make sure that a police officer or a police car is out of the picture. It is prohibited to photograph police officers in Spain, so for such a violation, you will have to pay a fine ranging from € 500 to € 1000.

3. If you decide to purchase something from street vendors (or "manteros") in front of a police officer, you face a hefty fine for "illegal shopping". Yes, you, the buyer, will have to pay the fine, not the seller. That is how Spain fights illegal street business.

4. If you are driving a car and sticking your hand out of the window, or even putting your elbow out a little bit ... you will face a fine of € 80. 

5. If you decide to leave a € 10 tip in a cafe or restaurant, be sure that the waiter will return half of it with the words “this is a lot” since it is not customary to leave a large tip here. Such are the mysterious Spanish people.

6. Penalty for slides. Yes, that's right! In Spain, it is considered that wearing flip-flops while driving is dangerous, as such shoes can lead to loss of control of the car. For such a violation, you will be fined € 200 and deprived of two points of your driving license. By the way, you can't drive barefoot or in high-heeled shoes either.

7. Have you got a drone and decided to use it in Spain? Hmmm ... this is not a good idea: the fine is from € 3000 to € 60,000. You can only use a drone to make a video of your place of residence, but you must have a special permit to film all other places. 

8. Never drink alcohol in public places in Spain. The fine for this violation can range from € 500 to € 1000. And if you also decide to satisfy your natural needs "at the wall", you will have to pay another 500 euros.

9. Do not use headphones while driving. If a police officer sees you talking on the phone while driving, even though your hands are on the steering wheel because you are using, say, Air Pods, congratulations: your € 100 will soon change its owner. 

10. By the way, listening to music very loudly in the car is considered a violation, too, because it may dampen the sirens of emergency vehicles.

11. Do not go out without your outerwear (which is often the case for British citizens), and do not strip naked on any beach other than nudist, otherwise you will face a fine of € 120 to € 500.

And here is our 12th bonus point with one more thing which is not worth doing in Spain!

Are you an extreme swimming fan who likes breaking taboos under a red flag? Then keep in mind that such an attempt will hit your pocket since the rescuers will call the police, which, in turn, will charge you with a fine of € 700 or more.

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