How to buy a Property in Spain, the buying process step by step

The main 6 steps of buying a real estate property in Spain

Step 1 - Selection of the objects to visit:

We choose together the properties you like the most and make a list of your favorite ones that you would like to see during your stay in Spain”.

How to buy a Property in Spain, the buying process step by step

Step 2 – Arrival to Spain:

You pack your suitcases, take tickets for the next flight :), don't forget your passports (you will also need them for the purchase), put on your masks aaand come directly to us! We will pick you up at the airport and help you to get settled. Then we go to the most interesting part!

Step 3 -  Real estate viewing:

At this stage, we go with you for a trip all along the coast, and you see with your own eyes at these alluring houses from the internet pictures that we have prepared in advance for your visits. 

I assure you that it won’t be easy for you to make a choice after 2 or 3 days of visits, because we will show you very interesting properties and you will find yourself in the most difficult dilemma of your life: choose the house that you love most, or the one that your husband / wife prefers. Here, of course, the stronger one wins and the decision is up to you!

Step 4 - the signing of the reservation:

Between you and the builder is established a reservation contract, on the basis of which the property you have chosen is withdrawn from the market and is attached to your name. You make the first payment - between 3 and 6 thousand euros (depending on the price of the property) aaaand you are one step closer to your dream! Dreams are dreams, of course, but for your peace of mind and your safety this process is controlled by our, or your independent lawyer, who checks all the documents from the developer and the property that you have chosen.

How to buy a Real Estate in Spain, the buying process step by step

Step 5 – the preparation of all necessary documents for signing the deeds at the notary:

We make your NIE number – this is the fiscal tax number for the foreigners, we open your bank account in Spain, collect all necessary papers for obtaining a mortgage (if needed), etc.). All this is done on the basis of a power of attorney which is established during your stay in Spain. So don't worry! Even if immediately after the visits you have to go back home or to your beloved work, we will prepare your full package of documents. Yes, we can do everything!). 

In addition, most of the purchasing steps can be done even remotely without any risk for you! In the case where you buy a property under construction, all following payments are made by installments and, of course, you also receive the bank guarantee for all your money transfers. From our side, we regularly send you photos and videos from the building site so that you will be able to follow at distance the construction of your dream!

Before you even have time to unpack your suitcases, you will receive an e-mail from us saying Everything is ready! We are waiting for you in Spain! :) ”. And then everything goes according to our old plan: you take your tickets, passports, masks aaaand - come back to us!

Step 6 - The signing of the deeds:

Once the commissioning of your property is done, we move on with you to the final step of the purchase - the signing of the deeds (that can also be done by attorney, if you can’t come to Spain). At this stage, you make the last payment at the notary and receive the keys of already YOUR house! Well, all I can say is: you are welcome!!!

This is followed by congratulations, champagne, housewarming and Spanish classes, if you didn’t have time to learn it before moving!


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