Denia is the best port town on the coast of Costa Blanca

Denia is a small picturesque port town located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, in the province of Alicante, of the Valencian Autonomous Community. Locals affectionately call Denia the "pearl of Costa Blanca". Together with you, we will find out why hundreds of foreigners are looking for property for sale in Denia every month!


The city of Denia stretches at the foot of Montgo Mountain, covering an area of 66 km2. There are no sudden seasonal temperature changes because the local mountain ranges are not only pleasing to the eye, but also keep cold air masses out, forming their own special microclimate. The sun shines over the city for as long as 320 days a year, and the average annual temperature is +19 ℃. No wonder the World Health Organization in 1982 recognized the local climate as one of the best in the world and erected a unique "climate monument" in the city. 


Beach in Denia

The most popular places in the city of Denia are cozy shores and long sandy beaches stretching for more than 20 km. Here you can both relax on the warm sand and enjoy incredible scuba diving. At the height of the vacation season, the sea warms up to +27℃. 6 local beaches are marked with a Blue flag for impeccable cleanliness, developed infrastructure, and are considered the best in Spain.

  • Les Bovetes
  • Les Marines
  • Els Molins
  • Punta Raset
  • Marineta Casiana
  • Les Deveses

They are cleaned daily with special equipment. A pleasant sea breeze gives the desired coolness, saving from the sizzling heat. And visiting the natural rocky coves of Les Rotes in the southeastern part of the city gives you the opportunity to feel secluded and protected from the outside world and its hustle and bustle.


Castillo de Denia

Every corner of Denia is filled with history. The city got its name in honor of the Roman goddess Diana: the ruins of her temple were discovered during excavations. The main attraction of the city, of course, is its castle - Castillo de Denia. It was built in the 11th century during the reign of the Moors, and later served as a fortress for pirates. It is located on top of a hill with an incredible view of the whole city and the port. Around the castle, on the slopes of Montgo Mountain, there is a national natural park – Parque Natural del Montgó. Here you can comfortably stroll through an orange or olive grove and enjoy the beauty of the mountain valleys of the reserve.

You can fully experience the real Spanish flavor by visiting one of the local national festivals. In July, Bous a la mar ("Bulls in the sea") takes place here. This is a traditional and world-famous Spanish entertainment, during which people run away from angry bulls. The animals race down the central street of the city, towards the bay, where brave participants tease them, trying to lure them into the sea. Yes, some of the daredevils may get injured, so we strongly recommend that you take part in this performance as a spectator.          


Marina de denia

The "heart" of Denia is undoubtedly its port – Marina de Denia. A place filled with yachts and fishing schooners. Local yacht clubs offer a whole range of water sports: sailing, diving, surfing, windsurfing, and much more. The coast of Denia is surrounded by rocks that have long been favoured by divers: they are happy to explore the local underwater caves. However, so do climbers, who prefer the hights of Denia - its peaks with incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea or the neighboring island of Ibiza.

Fans of unusual natural attractions can visit amazing local caves:

  • Cova de l’Aigua
  • Cueva de Las Calaveras
  • Cave Canalobre

And if you adore wildlife, you must visit the real safari park "El Vergel", where you can see lions, tigers, giraffes, deer in their natural environment. There is also a zoo and even a dolphinarium.



Denia is a real paradise for a foodie. In 2015 the city was recognized by UNESCO as the gastronomic capital (Ciudad Creative de la Gastronomia) of the Mediterranean. There is an incredible number of different cafes, bars, restaurants and supermarkets. But for fresh vegetables and fruits, we recommend going to the local farmer's market. It is not only a place for shopping, but also a Spanish tradition, a culture rooted in the distant past. Lovers of seafood are in for a special treat, because, with the development of trade and the establishment of the port, the largest fish market is located here, with an incredible amount of the most diverse and fresh seafood.


According to official data for 2022, there are about 42 thousand people living in Denia, of which 54% are foreigners, representing 73 nationalities: British, Germans, French, Belgians, Poles, Dutch and many others. In the summer season, the population of Denia increases more than 2 times and about 85 thousand people can live here. Another miracle of this small town is its elders: men live on average 84 years, women – up to 87. 


Infrastructure in Denia

Denia has excellent transport links with other cities of Costa Blanca. For example, the nearest city of Javea is only 11 kilometers away. And the road to the nearest airport in Alicante takes only 55 minutes. By train, you can quickly and comfortably get to Barcelona and Valencia. 90 km by sea to the east - and you are in the center of the country's club life, the island of Ibiza. Also, ferries depart daily from the port of Denia to the Balearic Islands. Denia is the best combination of warm sea, clean beaches, infrastructure and history. Undoubtedly, this is an ideal place for those who are looking for a calm and quiet place for both vacation and permanent residence. 

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