Javea is a cozy port town on the Costa Blanca.

Javea is a very beautiful resort town. It is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in the province of Alicante, the autonomous community of Valencia. Here you can watch the sunrise first in Spain, as the city is the most eastern point of the country. That is why the locals gently call Javea - "the city of sunrise".


Javea town in Spain

Javea is located in a unique place between the sea and the mountains, surrounded by forests, citrus orchards and olive plantations. It covers an area of almost 70 km2.

The city is protected from cold winds and rain by the capes of San Antonio and La Nao. Montgo mountain range is not only beautiful, but also forms a special micro climate.

Javea is considered the greenest city on the Costa Blanca and has 320 sunny days a year.

The villas here are most often located on high ground, so you can observe the breathtaking landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea.

According to a scientific study made by the World Health Organization in the late 90s, the city was recognized as the best place in the world to live and relax due to its climate and location (after Rio de Janeiro).


The Municipality of Javea has 20 km of the coastline (from Cova Tallada to Cala de la Granadella). The local beaches are marked with a blue flag for their extraordinary cleanliness, developed infrastructure, and are considered the best in Spain. The beaches here are cleaned every day with special instruments.

The average annual air temperature ranges between +18℃. and +24℃.
At the peak of the season, the sea warms up to +27℃.

The most popular beach in Javea, well-known in the province, is the sandy beach of El Arenal. Here you can relax on the warm sand and enjoy incredible scuba diving.

Visiting the natural rocky bays of Ambolo, La Barraca and Grandella, you can feel secluded and protected from the outside world and its hustle and bustle.


Javea is an ideal city for active lifestyle enthusiasts. You can do outdoor sports here all year round: running, cycling, golf, tennis, football and much more.

The "heart" of Javea is undoubtedly its port, a place full of yachts and fishing boats. There is also a harbor for private yachts. The local yacht clubs, such as Club Náutico de Jávea, offer a whole range of water sports, such as sailing, diving, surfing, windsurfing. Even a fishing championship is held here.


There are lots of tennis clubs for both amateurs and professionals. (for example Club de tenis L´Ancora, Club de tenis Los Pinos, Club de tenis Javea). David Ferrer, a famous tennis player, one of the top ten players in the world, was born and grew up in Javea. 

You can also find here a Riding Center (Centro Ippico Montgo Valls) and a Shooting Club (Club de Niro San Jerónimo). The city sports palace offers fitness classes, aerobics, yoga, fitness equipment and much more.

But the local golf courses (Club de Golf Jávea), which are world famous and the best in Spain, undoubtedly deserve special attention. No wonder the province is considered a paradise for golf fans.
The coast of Javea is surrounded by rocks. They are popular with divers who are happy to explore the local underwater caves.

Climbers prefer peaks of Javea with incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea or the neighboring island of Ibiza.


You can fully experience the real Spanish culture by visiting one of the national holidays in Javea. In spring, San Fermín festival (Fiesta de San Fermín) takes place here. This is a traditional and world-famous Spanish entertainment, which consists of running away from angry bulls.    

6 angry bulls are released into the streets of the city, and the city daredevils (over the age of 18) must escape from them, running a distance of almost 900 meters. Yes, some of the participants can be seriously injured, so we strongly recommend that you participate in this performance as a spectator.

If you visit the city in mid-June, you will be able to see an amazing spectacle - the fire festival (Fogueres de Sant Joan), which takes place in the central square. The main attributes of the festive program are bullfighting, fireworks and, of course, papier mache figures showing the current problems of our time.

Taking a promenade along the central beach of El Arenal, you will find yourself surrounded by lots of nightclubs, restaurants, shops, bars and numerous venues for organizing marine entertainment.


According to official data for 2022, about 30 thousand people live in Javea. 54% of them are foreigners, representatives of 85 nationalities, including: British, Germans, French, Belgians, Poles, Dutch and many others.

In the summer season, the population of Javea becomes more than 3 times bigger and the town can number more than 100 thousand people.
Since Javea is a multinational city, there are both private and public schools with multilingual teachers.
Another wonder of this small town is its elders: men live on average 79 years, women 85.


The town of Guardamar food

Javea is a real paradise for gourmands, as it is famous for its unique dishes. But seafood lovers will be especially pleased, because, being a seaside town, Javea constantly amazes locals and tourists with fresh seafood, widely represented in local cuisine. Whether it's shops or a city market, fish and shrimp are always of the highest quality here.

In the same city market you can buy delicious vegetables and fruits. The abundance of shops and supermarkets gives a wide selection of cheeses, breads, wines and traditional Spanish jamon.


The city has excellent connection with other cities of the Costa Blanca. For example, the nearest city, Denia, is only 11 kilometers away. Less than 10 km to the south - and you are among the skyscrapers of the stunning Calpe. 90 km by sea to the east – and you are in the center of the country's club life, on the island of Ibiza!
And the road to the nearest airport in Alicante takes only 45 minutes.
Yes, Javea is the best combination of warm sea, clean beaches, infrastructure and historical component. And finally, let me list the 5 main things that must be done in Javea:

  • Be the first in Spain to watch the sunrise.
  • Enjoy a luxurious vacation on the beach of El Arenal.
  • Walk along the narrow streets and admire the old churches.
  • Drink wine and try jamon in local cozy restaurants.
  • Spend time actively playing golf or tennis, then dive under the water and climb the mountains.
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