Province of Alicante - climate, beaches, and infrastructure.

Alicante is a city and municipality located in the east of Spain which, together with two other provinces (Valencia and Castellón), are part of the Valencian Autonomous Community. There are countless reasons why the province of Alicante is so popular with tourists, including perfect beaches, diverse attractions, good entertainment, excellent food, and high-level healthcare. But it is the unique climate that deserves your special attention. And we'll begin our acquaintance with this location just with it.


Climate Alicante

The coastline of the province of Alicante stretches for as much as 220 km, covering almost 6 thousand square km (5,817 km²) and containing 170 beaches, coves, and cliffs.
Mountain ranges retain cold air masses, which explains the absence of sharp seasonal temperature changes inherent in this region, rare strong wind or snow.

The sun shines over the province for more than 320 days a year, and the average annual temperature is +18 ℃. A pleasant sea breeze gives the desired coolness, saving you from the scorching heat. No wonder the World Health Organization has recognized the local climate as one of the best in the world!

The favoured city of Torrevieja is also located in Alicante province and recognized as one of the most healing places in the world because of its fantastic microclimate. There is a saltwater nature reserve in Torrevieja, with the largest salt lagoons in Europe. Every year, thousands of people from all over the world come here for health, youth, and beauty.


The endless sandy beaches of Alicante province lure you with the calm sea, amazingly beautiful coves, and picturesque cliffs.
In 2021, Alicante beaches confirmed their superiority once again and were awarded numerous Blue Flags for their cleanliness, infrastructure, and service quality. There are beaches in every resort town, with 71 beaches marked with the highest quality mark. And the majority of the highest category beaches are located on Orihuela Costa.

The northern province’s part is hilly, and the southern part is flat, which creates an exceptional warm microclimate here. In addition to the beach recreation, lasting from April to the end of October, Alicante province offers tourists a vast number of incredible entertainments for both children and their parents.



In the province of Alicante, you can relax in different ways. When you get tired of just lounging on the beach, you’ll want something more dynamic, and here you will find many amusement parks:
• Terra Natura
• Aqualandia
• Aqua Natura
• Callosa d'en Sarria
• Safari Aitan
But the most stunning entertainment center and one of the largest amusement parks in Spain and Europe is Terra Mitica, which means “Land of Myths”. The 100 hectares of the park accommodate 20 themed attractions for every taste.

And if you adore wildlife, do not miss the opportunity to visit the province’s unique zoos:
• Safari Aitana
• Terra Natura
• Río Safari
• Mundomar, and many others.

In addition, there is a large number of other entertainments: around a dozen museums, go-kart tracks, and water parks:
• Aqualandia
• Aqua Natura
• Aqua Park Flamingo
• Ciudad Quesada
• Aquopolis Torrevieja

Looks like there is not a single city in the province of Alicante that does not have its own entertainment or celebration. In any locality, even the smallest, there is always a special occasion for festivities. And some festivals have even been recognized as an international tourist treasure. Oh yes, the Spaniards know how to make real fun!

The province of Alicante is ideal for an active lifestyle, as outdoor sports are available here all year round: jogging, running, cycling, tennis, water sports, and much more.



More than 25 yacht clubs and sport ports in the province attract fans of various water sports like windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, jet-skiing, water-skiing, and many others. And, naturally, you will never forget the vibrant local underwater world when diving.

In addition, there are 22 golf courses, three of which - Villamartin, Las Ramblas, and Campoamor - are world-famous and the best in Spain. Over half a million foreigners come here to play golf every year. It is not for nothing that the province of Alicante is considered a paradise for golf lovers.

Also, in the province of Alicante, you can find numerous fitness clubs, yoga centers, tennis courts, football pitches, and much more.


food alicante (province)

The province of Alicante is a real foodie paradise. Each of its one hundred and forty-one municipalities is famous for its unique gastronomic delights, which are just impossible not to taste: jamon, gazpacho, paella, puchero, changurro... Mmm, the mouth is watering ?

Seafood lovers will also be delighted in Alicante, as the province is the center of fishing and seafood export not only in Spain but throughout Europe.

And if you are a true connoisseur of fine dining, you will be surprised by the number of Michelin-starred cafes, bars, and restaurants.


medicine alicante (province)

Medical care in the province of Alicante is of the highest level. There are both private and public clinics with multilingual doctors.

According to the World Health Organization, today Spain ranks 4th in the world in terms of medical care, and it's the best indicator in the European Union. It is no coincidence that the standard of living is so high here: men live on average 79 years, and women — 85.

The friendliest city in Spain – this is what tourists call the city of Alicante, the administrative centre of the like-named province and the Costa Blanca coast washed by the Mediterranean Sea in the southeast of Spain.


The province of Alicante has 141 municipalities with a population of about two million, and during the tourist season, this figure usually doubles or even triples.
The region’s capital is the famous city of Alicante, one of the most visited corners of Europe by foreign tourists. Its international airport serves over 9 million people annually.

The most frequent visitors of Alicante are tourists from Great Britain - 4.5 million a year, Germany - 700 thousand people, the Netherlands - 370 thousand, and Norway - 270 thousand people.


Alicante province has a highly developed transport infrastructure. Its territory is crossed by the A-7 high-speed Mediterranean highway (southern Spain - France) and N332, as well as an extensive network of national and local highways.

You can easily travel by train to Murcia, Madrid or Barcelona from Alicante. The passenger seaports of Alicante and Denia connect the province with the Balearic Islands and North Africa.

High quality of life, healthy climate, political stability, and affordable housing prices attract people from all over the world to the province of Alicante. No doubt, this is the ideal location for those looking for a calm and quiet place for both vacation and permanent residence.

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