Benidorm - the Spanish Las Vegas, that never sleeps

Benidorm is a modern resort town. It is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and is rightfully considered the pearl of Costa Blanca. It is a city of skyscrapers, constant entertainment, parties and tourists. That is why the locals call it the Spanish "Las Vegas" or the second "New York".


The location of Benidorm is really unique. Covering an area of 39 km2, the city is protected from cold winds by the Puig Campana Mountain range and hills covered by pine forests.

It's hardly ever cloudy here. And rains are a very rare phenomenon. Average annual air temperature is + 19℃. The climate here is like something from a fairy tale - 320 sunny days a year.

An incredible number of green parks with long alleys for walks, lots of protected areas with unique plants and trees make Benidorm a really special city.

Not for nothing (in 1986) The World Health Organization recommended the local climate as "one of the most favourable in the world for living and recreation."

The length of the sunny coastline is about 7 km. At the same time, all the main beaches are covered with incredible sand and marked with "blue flags of UNESCO" for their impeccable cleanliness and well-developed infrastructure.

  • Playa de Poniente,
  • Playa de Levante,
  • Playa de Mal Pas

They are cleaned daily with the help of special equipment.

There are also three small rocky coves, where you can dive - Cala de Finestrat, Cala L'Almadrava and Cala del Ti Ximo. They are comfortably located on the mountainous terrain, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And the water temperature in summer is about 27℃.

A couple of kilometres from the coast there is an uninhabited island of the same name (Isla de Benidorm) with several semi-wild beaches.


Beach in Benidorm

Benidorm is a truly amazing city, that has firmly established its status as the entertainment capital of Costa Blanca. Whether you are looking for the traditional Spanish culture, or the nightlife of a modern metropolis – you can experience it all in Benidorm.

Here you can find everything for a comfortable life: a variety of bars and restaurants, casinos, large shopping and entertainment centres, beauty salons, sports courts, fitness centres, kindergartens, schools, and much more.

If you want to try the authentic Spanish cuisine, we recommend visiting the famous Tapa Street - Calle Santo Domingo in Benidorm. Numerous cosy cafes, bars and small restaurants will definitely impress the true foodies.

A few minutes’ drive from the city, there is one of the largest shopping and entertainment complexes of the Valencian community - the famous Centro Commercial La Marina. About 100 branded stores under one roof. Yes, Spain is famous for its shopping!

10-15 minutes from Benidorm there are lots of amusement parks, water parks and zoos:

  • Terra Natura
  • Aqua Natura
  • Callosa d´en Sarriа
  • Safari Aitana

There is also Aqualandia here - the biggest water park in Spain and one of the biggest ones in Europe. On the area of 150 thousands m2 you will find many water rides, both for kids and adults, that will turn one day of your life to an endless festivity.

Do you like speed or Formula-1? Go Karting Finestrat offers various possibilities to feel as if you are a real pro racer.

But one of the largest amusement parks in Spain and Europe, Terra Mitica (meaning "Land of Myths"), deserves special attention. More than 20 grandiose theme attractions on the area of 100 hectares will literally plunge you into the world of myths, where legends come to life.

Also, you can easily arrange a real holiday for your children, thanks to the huge number of various playgrounds that are scattered all along the coast.

The city also has well-established transport links with other cities of Costa Blanca. Since the A7 highway passes near Benidorm, it is convenient to travel by car to other places in Spain and Europe from here. And Alicante International Airport is only 35 minutes (55 km) away.


Sport is just as important for residents of a modern city as entertainment. And there is no place better suited for sports than the city near the mountains and the sea.

Benidorm will undoubtedly please fans of an active lifestyle, since you can do outdoor sports here all year round. Running, cycling, and lots of tennis courts and football pitches.

At the foot of the old town near the Punento beach, there is the Benidorm port. "All kinds of entertainment on the water" – this signboard attracts outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world. Windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, jet skiing, water skiing and of course a bright underwater world that will give you an unforgettable diving experience.

10-15 minutes from Benidorm there are some of the best golf clubs in Costa Blanca, recognized by the Spanish Professional Golf Association (PGA of Spain) - Las Rejas, Open Club Benidorm, Villaitana Golf. It is not for nothing that the region is known as a paradise for the fans of this sport and attracts golfers from all over the world.


Another signature feature of Benidorm is its picturesque mountain hiking trails. A walk through the pine nature reserve, especially at sunset or dawn, will be one of your most vivid memories of the city. The views here are just amazing.

But if you prefer a quieter kind of rest, we suggest taking a walk along the amazing embankment, walking through the Natural Serra Gelada Park and enjoying the incredible atmosphere of a real resort town.


Despite its modern buildings, developed urban infrastructure and bustling nightlife, there are places in Benidorm that keep the memory of the city’s origins and events long gone.

And our first stop is a full-fledged architectural masterpiece called "balcony of the Mediterranean" (Balcón del Mediterráneo). An amazing observation deck with a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea, Benidorm (Cala de Benidorm) and skyscrapers.

From the "balcony of the Mediterranean", you can go straight down to the old castle square - Plaza del Castillo. Here you’ll find the Church of St. James and St. Anna (Església de Sant Jaume i Santa Anna).

There are also several ancient cannons and a small anchor on this square. This is all that remains of the former port.

The old part of the city retains the appearance of the Middle Ages: narrow streets, picturesque old buildings and a large number of outdoor cafes, bars and restaurants with diverse cuisine. It's always very atmospheric and there are lots of tourists.

Also, we strongly recommend visiting the old part of the neighbouring town of Finestrat, which is only 15 minutes’ drive from Benidorm. Here, at the very top of the city, the remains of the Islamic Mosque were found. And it was here, on the ruins of an ancient church, where the Christian conquerors built an amazing chapel "Ermita del Santísimo Cristo del Remedio" at the beginning of the twentieth century.

In the very city centre, on the main Plaza de la Torreta, there is a majestic and incredibly beautiful Baroque church "Iglesia de San Bartolomé", named in honour of the city’s patron, St. Bartholomew. 

Walking around the city, you will also find many interesting sculptures, each with its own amazing history.

Real estate

Benidorm is one of those cities of Costa Blanca that does not have a limit on the height of buildings. That is why it stands out against the backdrop of other cities on the coast, with its huge number of skyscrapers.

Despite its rather modest size and population, 8 of the 20 highest skyscrapers in Spain are located in Benidorm.

And right in this city you can see the famous In Tempo - a 46-storey skyscraper that is the highest in Benidorm and fourth highest in the whole Spain.

Conventionally, Benidorm can be divided into 2 parts – Levante and Poniente.

Levante is a noisy entertaining part of Benidorm, completely aimed at tourism, with a huge number of nightclubs, bars and restaurants. There are mainly inexpensive apartments on the secondary market, most of which were originally purchased by their owners for the purpose of renting out to tourists.

And Poniente is a residential part, a quieter one, for a permanent life. There are no discos and noisy parties here. At the same time, there is a variety of cosy family-type restaurants. And property is definitely more expensive here.

If you want even more silence and privacy, then it is worth paying your attention to the suburb of Benidorm - the famous city of Finestrat, which is actually its elite zone in terms of real estate. Most tourists and guests practically do not distinguish these 2 cities from each other.

And if Benidorm is completely aimed at tourism and is famous for constant noisy parties and entertainment, Finestrat is its complete opposite and is intended exclusively for a quiet and permanent life.

Benidorm town in Spain

To date, a lot of people buy property in Benidorm and Finestrat as an investment and earn money through renting out for tourists, as this is a promising business that brings a good income.


According to official data from 2022, about 70 thousand people live in a small area of 39 km2. But in the summer season, the population of Benidorm and its suburbs increases 10-12 times, up to 1 million people.

The population of this city has largely been replenished due to the interest of foreigners in these places. Many tourists, once arriving in Benidorm, decide to move to this "tourist paradise" forever. They account for more than 41% of the total number of permanent residents: the British, Germans, French, Belgians and Poles.

There are also many public and private schools in the city that teach both in Spanish and in English.

Medical care deserves special attention. There are both private and public clinics in the city with multilingual doctors. Not for nothing, according to the World Health Organization, Spanish medicine today confidently ranks fourth on the planet – this is the best indicator within the European Union. It is no coincidence that the average life expectancy in the region reaches as high as 84 years.


Infrastructure, incredible climate, amazingly clean and well-maintained beaches, an incredible abundance of nightlife and property for every taste make the city of Benidorm a real pearl of Costa Blanca.
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