NIE in Spain - how to get NIE number in Spain

NIE in Spain how to get NIE number in Spain

We’re going to review in details the process of obtaining the Foreigners Tax Identification Number in Spain.

The Foreigners Tax Identification Number (also NIE - Número de Identificación de Extranjero) is the non-resident identification number for maintenance of financial activities at the territory of Spain. It is assigned individually to each foreigner and is mandatory for the implementation of any official transaction of sale. Namely, when buying a property in Spain, this document is mandatory.

NIE is a document in A4 format, which indicates:

  • your full name;
  • date of birth;
  • nationality;
  • and, in fact, a number consisting of numbers and letters.  

According to Spanish law, the validity period of the NIE CERTIFICATE is 90 days.  But the number itself has a lifelong validity for the applicant.

To get NIE in Spain, it is necessary to provide an official reason for its registration.  In our case, the reason is "purchasing property in Spain". A documentary proof is your "reservation agreement", in which you have previously confirmed your serious intentions by paying a down payment for the chosen property.

So, to obtain a NIE certificate, you need the following:

  • The Reservation agreement with a receipt for the down payment (as we have already said, in the case of purchase of the real estate, it is the "Reservation agreement", that is the basis for obtaining the NIE).
  • Completed application form EX 15 (in 2 copies).
  • An original international passport and its photocopy (the page that shows your photograph, full name, passport number, address and any other relevant details).
  • Two small photos (3x4 format).
  • The government fee for obtaining the NIE (which is about 10 euros and you should pay it in the bank).

Your personal manager (a consultant of WTG Spain) will help you obtain the Foreigners’ Tax Identification Number as soon as possible. And you can always get more detailed consultation on “purchasing property in Spain” by either contacting the specialists of WTG Spain, or calling the hot line, or ordering a callback.

We are always happy to answer all your questions!


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