Calpe is a symbol of the Costa Blanca coast

Calpe is a cozy resort town with rich nature and a warm climate. It is located on the Mediterranean coast, in the province of Alicante, autonomous community of Valencia. Locals proudly call the city of Calpe - "the symbol of the Costa Blanca." Why? Let's find out right now.


Calpe is situated in a unique location between the sea and the mountains, surrounded by forests, taking up an area of almost 24 km².
The main symbol of the city is the 330-meter-high Peñón de Ifach rock, which cuts into the sea for almost a kilometer and divides the coast into two beautiul bays: La Fossa and Arenal-Bol.
The rock is not only the hallmark of Calpe, but also one of the most famous attractions of the entire Costa Blanca.
On the slopes of this rock there is a national nature reserve, which occupies about 50 thousand km². More than 300 species of rare plants bloom here and about 80 species of birds live among them.
No wonder that even Ernest Hemingway considered this place "the most beautiful in Spain."

Peñón de Ifach rock in Calpe, Spain

The sun shines over the city as much as 320 days a year, and the average annual temperature is +19 ℃.
Another natural attraction of the city is the salt lake – Las Salinas. Salt extraction here stopped in the last century, but this lake contributes to the creation of a special microclimate.

It is home to many rare birds, including beautiful flamingos.
An incredible number of green parks with long walking alleys, many protected areas with unique plants, trees and barbecue areas make Calpe a truly unique city.
Not for nothing (in 1986) The World Health Organization has named the local climate "one of the most favourable in the world for living and recreation."


The Calpe resort area has about 14 beaches, the total length of which is about 13 km, and the width is from 20 to 40 m. The entry into the sea is smooth, the bottom is sandy and soft, and the shallow water line is stretched for as long as 10-15 m.
At the height of the season, the sea warms up to +27℃.

Most of the coast consists of picturesque bays with clear azure water and a beautiful underwater landscape. Among them are the largest Spanish beaches deserve special attention:

  • Playa Del Arenal-Bol
  • Playa del Cantal Roig
  • Playa de la Fossa

All the local beaches are awarded the UNESCO Blue Flag Award for their impeccable cleanliness and well-developed infrastructure are considered the best in Spain.
They are cleaned daily with special equipment.

The beach infrastructure is represented by umbrellas and sunbeds, taps for washing feet, toilets and beach trash bins.
During the high season, rescuers are on duty here and medical aid is available at hand.
Also, you can easily arrange a real holiday for your children, thanks to the huge number of various playgrounds that are scattered all along the coast.


Calpe will undoubtedly please fans of active lifestyle, since you can do outdoor sports here all year round. Running, cycling, there are lots of football pitches, and tennis courts.
The heart of Calpe is undoubtedly its port. This place is filled with yachts and fishing schooners. The local yacht club (Real Club Nautico Calpe) offers a whole range of water sports: diving, surfing, windsurfing, sailing. You can even learn to manage the yacht.
But the golf courses located in the district deserve special attention and are world-famous and the best in Spain:

  • Club de Golf Ifach
  • Club de Golf Don Cayo
  • Club de Golf Real de Faula 
  • Club de Golf La Sella

Golf course in Calpe, Spain

Calpe attracts golfers from all over the world for a reason and is known as a paradise for this sport’s fans.

Another signature feature of Calpe is its picturesque mountain hiking trails. A walk through them will be one of your most vivid memories of the city. The views from here are simply stunning.

If you like extreme sports, Peñón de Ifach is a real find for climbing enthusiasts! The mountain has more than 40 routes and some of them start right in the sea!

But if you prefer a quieter kind of rest, we suggest taking a walk along one of the most beautiful promenades in Spain, which stretches along the beach for as much as 1.5 km. The amazing "Prince of Asturias embankment" (Paseo Principe de Asturias).


The city has a long and rather interesting history. Conventionally, Calpe can be divided into a new and an old city.

The old town of Calpe (Casco Antiguo en Calpe) is a small historical quarter located in the very center of the resort.

Here it was possible to preserve both the authentic Spanish style and the unique atmosphere inherent in ancient fishing settlements.
On the narrow streets, built up with small colored houses, you can find a number of interesting sights, which are more than one hundred years old.

We are talking about:

  • the defensive tower of Torreón de la Peca (Torreón de la Peça), next to which two of the four surviving cannons can be seen.
  • the unique cathedral of La Iglesia Antigua
  • Chapel of San Salvador (Ermita de San Salvador)
  • symbolic staircase, which is painted in the color of the Spanish flag - Calle Puchalt
  • the remains of the Torre Moli del Morello mill
  • Banos de la Reina or royal baths. Archaeologists claim that this place was created in the fourth-fifth century BC, for beautiful ladies to take baths.
  • Placa de Mestre D Francisco Llopis
  • Plaza del Mosquit
  • Plaça Major and other important sites.


Calpe is a truly amazing city, which has long and firmly established the status of the pearl of the Costa Blanca. Whether it's the traditional Spanish culture, or the everyday life of a modern city – you can feel all this in Calpe.

There is everything for a comfortable life: many bars and restaurants, large shopping and entertainment centers, beauty salons, sports grounds, fitness centers, kindergartens, schools, and much more.

Restaurant in Calpe, Spain

Calpe is a real gourmet paradise. There are 168 restaurants in the city and its suburbs, many of which are marked by the Michelin gastronomic guide.
Calpe has excellent transport links with other Costa Blanca cities, as the AP7 and N332 motorways run near the city.

For example, the nearest city, Benidorm, known as "Spanish Las Vegas", is only 19 km away.
Less than 20 km to the north - and you are at the easternmost point of Spain, in Javea, the "city of dawn".
100 km by sea to the east - and you are in the center of the country's club life, on the island of Ibiza.
And the road to the nearest airport in Alicante takes only 50 minutes. (70 km).


According to official data for 2022, about 30 thousand people live in Calpe. 55% are foreigners, representatives of 75 nationalities, including: British, Germans, French, Belgians, Poles and many others.

In the summer season, the population of Calpe increases more than 5-6 times and the town can contain more than 200 thousand people.

Another miracle of this small town is its elders: men live on average 79 years, women - up to 85.


As for one of the smallest resorts in Spain, Calpe has a fairly large selection of properties that meets a variety of price categories. There are both comfortable detached villas and cozy spacious apartments.

If you want more peace and privacy, then it is worth turning your attention to the beautiful villas in the southwestern part of the city - the famous Maryvilla district, which is actually Calpe’s elite zone in terms of real estate.

Located on the slope of the picturesque Sierra de Toix rock massif, Maryvilla features beautiful panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, the city and the Peñón de Ifach rock.

If you want to be closer to the noisy or entertaining part of the city of Calpe, we recommend that you pay attention to the apartments, most of which are concentrated in the vicinity of the main city beaches. Many of them were originally purchased by their owners for the purpose of renting to tourists.
To date, a lot of people buy property in Calpe as an investment and earn on renting housing for tourists, as this is a promising business and brings a good income.


Yes, Calpe is the best combination of warm sea, clean beaches, infrastructure and history. And finally, let me list the 5 main must dos in Calpe:

  1. Enjoy a luxurious vacation on Arenal-Bol or Cantal Roig beach.
  2. Like Ernest Hemingway, conquer the local peak of the Penon de Ifach rock.
  3. Stroll through the narrow streets of the old town and taste wine with seafood in local cozy restaurants.
  4. Experience the real Spanish culture by visiting one of the local national holidays.
  5. Spend time actively playing golf or tennis, then dive under the water at the Les Fonts de l'algar waterfall.
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