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Authors of the articles from WTG Spain

Nadine Apetroaey

Nadine Apetroaei is the head of the real estate sales department who has been working in the field for 7 years. Nadine speaks 6 languages, including French, English, Spanish, German, Russian and Ukrainian. Years working in real estate and constant self-improvement made her an expert in the field and an excellent article writer for our blog. Now Nadine continues studying languages, is passionate about traveling, cinema and, of course, the nuances of life in Spain and the laws of this country, which she is happy to share with the WTG Spain readers.

Sergiu Sohatchi

Sergiu Sohatchi is an entrepreneur and one of the founding members of the real estate agency WTG Spain. His interest in the area started during a trip to this sunny country. Having realized how many boundless opportunities Spain holds, he started actively working in the field, and continues to do so to this day. Serghei actively participates in the life of the company, mentoring employees, heading the marketing department and organizing in-person and online real estate tours for hundreds of clients every year. Vast experience and enthusiasm about the topic of Spanish real estate allows Serghei to be an excellent writer who writes interesting and important articles, mostly for foreigners.

Marc Mancini

Marc Mancini has been working in real estate for 5 years, and for 3 of them he has been with WTG Spain. He found his calling in helping people to get a new life in Spain and became a real estate agent. He happily shares interesting and useful information on this blog.

Andrew Stinson

Andrew Stinson is a charismatic young man who has a masters' degree in Marketing. His interests include travel, psychology and socionics, he is easy to talk to and never gives up. He takes pleasure in not just writing articles for the WTG Spain's blog, but also in writing scenarios for our Youtube videos, in which he often stars as well.

Matilda Meyer

Matilda Meyer is a real estate professional. She loves sharing everything she learned during the few-year stay in Spain. She will happily tell the readers about taxes, laws and particulars of moving and living in Spain. She views her work not just as a way of earning money, but as a tool for self-improvement and an opportunity to help families find new lives in a sunny country.

Ashley Taylor

Ashley Taylor has a degree in law, which helps her with figuring out the jurispudence, and she is happy to consult everyone who requires initial help concerning the purchase of real estate. She writes articles for our blog about tax law, occasionally shares information about choosing a property and stars in the WTG Spain Youtube videos.

James Elmers

Young and energetic, James Elmers is a writer for the WTG Spain blog and a dedicated fan of Spanish culture. He is interested in the local traditions and studies the history of this country. During his free time he busies himself with numerous hobbies, one of which is writing educational articles for those who have never dealt with buying a property in Spain before.

Igor Azarov

Igor Azarov constantly studies the tendencies of the Spanish market and always knows how to advise clients. In his free time, he actively reads to improve, talks to our business partners and spends time with his family. His articles are meant to be succinct and to the point, explaining everything to those who do not wish to waste their time on reading lengthy texts.

Elena Neumann

Elena Neumann finds it easy to talk to our German clients. She often stars in educational videos for the WTG Spain Youtube channel and likes writing articles for the blog. She studied linguistics. She's very easy to talk to and can find common ground even with the most demanding clients.

Aleksandr Dokien

Aleksandr Dokien is a famous Ukrainian creator and editor of the online publication Shpalta. An outgoing person, who is good with both people and real estate. This combination allows him to write comprehensive articles about the Spanish real estate market which we are happy to share with you.

Andy Lukash

Andy Lukash, a responsible sales manager from WTG Spain and a good writer, in his free time became an avid athlete and a gamer. A cheerful and pleasant young man who always tries to establish a friendly relationship with his clients, no matter their type or age.

Dmitrij Berezovskij

Dmitrij Berezovskij professionally rents out real estate. His main goal is to help clients get the most from their investments in Spanish real estate. Interested in economics, he loves watching movies and enjoys meeting interesting people. In his articles he talks in detail about all the nuances of buying real estate for rent.

Waldo Varona García

Waldo Varona García - sales manager in a real estate agency in WTG Spain. He speaks several languages including: English, Spanish, French and German. This helps him to find a common language and deeply understand the wishes and tastes of the majority of the company's clients. Waldo has experience in the tourism industry. This proves his ability to skillfully select the best locations for our clients to invest in. Waldo's unique perspective on the market of real estate makes him a great and interesting article writer.

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