How to choose the property in Spain?

How to choose the property in Spain?

Property in Spain how to choose

How to choose property in Spain is a very difficult question, we will try to help you find the answer to it. Before purchasing property in Spain, you need to make the right choice! And in order to make this choice, you have to answer 7 basic questions (first of all just for yourself).

What is the purpose of buying property in Spain

The first question

What is the purpose of buying property in Spain:

  • for permanent residence
  • for temporary residence (during the vacation)
  • for renting
  • or for investing your money.

Starting with this question, it will be much easier for you to answer the following questions.

Choose the location of the property in Spain you want to buy

The second question. 

For this, you need to choose a climate in which will be the most comfortable. Perhaps you are interested in the northern part of Spain, which is less hot than the southern one. Or vice versa - you are attracted to hot South Spain. Or, you can also feel more comfortable with temperate climate of the middle part of Spain, (for example, on the Mediterranean coast).

At this stage, you have to decide how far from the sea you want your property to be located: on the first (second or third) line, closer to the downtown area or in suburb, closer to the mountains or to the forests, and etc.

The condition of the property

The third question

In other words, in which market would you like to purchase this property? I mean, you should decide if you are interested in the primary housing from the construction company, or you prefer secondary housing. This question directly depends on your personal preferences and the budget that you have, considering that objects in new buildings often cost a little more expensive than objects in the secondary market. Proceeding from this, the following question arises - the question of price.

Mortgage on real estate in Spain

Question number 4

Mortgage. It will surprise you - Spain is one of the few European countries, which is very loyal to the foreigners. So, if you don’t have enough money to purchase your dream house in Spain, then you can always take a mortgage, by collecting the necessary documents. It is enough to have a half of the required sum to do this. The mortgage is issued for the period, ranging from 5 to 40 years, from 3 to 4% per annum. More detailed video review, entitled "How to get a mortgage in the Spanish Bank”, you can find on our official website or YouTube channel.

The type of the real estate

Question number 5

A small studio apartment for one person, or a large accommodation with several bedrooms for the whole family. Whether it could be a detached house or even a villa with its own plot and a pool. If you want to live more secluded, then, maybe, a bungalow, townhouse or a separate cottage will become a perfect choice for you! In order to make the right choice, you can always contact the specialists of the WTG Spain, where you can get a free consultation.

Figure out the additional characteristics of the property

The final question number 6

When choosing a house in Spain, you need to figure out the additional characteristics of the property, which have particular importance to you personally. So, how important for you to have: your own pool, parking or garage. Which floor is more appropriate, and how important to have an elevator? What do you want to see from your window: the sea, the mountains, or the forest? And it is also important: furniture and household appliances availability or its absence.

Well, if you answered all these 6 questions, then you are ready to make the right decision.

But, in order to make a FINAL choice, we invite you to Spain for a free Guided Tour of the property, during which your personal manager, a consultant of the WTG Spain, will help you to find the house of your dream. More detailed previous consultation, concerning the purchase of the real estate in Spain, you can get by contacting the "WTG Spain" Company and ordering a callback or by calling the hotline. We are happy to answer all your questions.

“WTG Spain” - Your home in Spain is waiting for you.

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