Power of attorney for Spanish property

Power of attorney for Spanish property

Let us model a situation. You flew to Spain with desire to rest and buy Real Estate of your dreams on the Mediterranean coast. And only at the last moment of your stay in Spain you finally find that special property that is simply perfect for you. Bu you don’t have enough time for formalization of all the documents connecting with your purchase. What to do, you ask? How not to lose the chance to buy that one of a kind masterpiece?

In such cases you may issue a Power of Attorney for purchase of real estate for the second person or for the company that will do everything instead of you. And the name of this document is Poder Notarial. It allows you to perform a number of juridical procedures from your name, without your presence in Spain.

Let us talk about the kinds of power of attorney. The simplest kind of it is ONE-TIME power of attorney - it is issued for performing one specific action. The second kind is SPECIAL power of attorney with a specific list of actions and deadline. The third kind is GENERAL AND COMPLETE one that gives a right to perform all sorts of juridical actions from the name of the owner (from collecting documents to disposal of property).

You may issue such a power of attorney not only in Spain but also on territory of your country addressing the consulate of Spain of your country. But if you have decided to create Poder Notarial at your own notary in your city, mind that in this case you have to apostille it in Ministry of Justice and translate it into Spanish.

But best of all is to issue a power of attorney for purchase of real estate on the territory of Spain before you leave.

Firstly, a power of attorney will immediately be issued in Spanish.
Secondly, there’s no need for apostille.
Thirdly, this procedure will take no more than 30 minutes.

Having issued a power of attorney you pass the original document to your representative in Spain. After that he or she will be able to perform the purchase of real estate without your direct presence.

At last, I want to remind you that here at WTG Spain we are always ready to assist you in the purchase of real estate in Spain as well as in the execution of all the necessary documents. Also you can always get a free-of-charge consultation calling hotline or ordering a callback. We will always give you answers to all of your questions.

We sincerely hope that the purchase of real estate in Spain will be a pleasurable moment in your life. WTG Spain, your real estate in Spain waits for you.

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