How to get Nota Simple and where do you need it

How to get Nota Simple and where do you need it

Nota Simple Informativa is an official extract from the Spanish Property Register (Registro de la Propiedad) confirming ownership of real estate. This document (Nota Simple Informativa) describes the property, its owners, property rights and restrictions on property rights, ownership interests of owners, as well as debts on a mortgage loan or taxes.

Nota Simple is available in Spanish and has a limited validity period of 3 months, as the information for Nota Simple is constantly being updated. The exact date of issue is indicated in the document.


First of all, they will require it when receiving a multivisa

  • if you own a real estate and on this basis have made a request for a multivisa (in order to be able to stay in Spain for up to 90 days for six months)
  • in this case they will require Nota Simple. It is important that at the time of submission of documents Nota Simple was released no later than 3 months ago.

To obtain accurate information on the property when buying it. You can order Note Simple to find out the most detailed information about a particular property, as Nota Simple reflects the most current information on the property at that time.

To obtain a residence permit (residence) in Spain, the basis for which is the availability of real estate in this country. • If you own property and want to issue an invitation to friends or relatives.


  • Identity data from the Property Register issued by Nota Simple - Property number. (usually contains no more than six digits, not to be confused with the cadastral number of the property)
  • IDUFIR - Unique identifier for registered real estate (Identificador único de Finca Registral)
  • Information about the current owners, and how they entered into ownership. (who owns the property ?, in the case of joint ownership - what proportion of the property belongs to the co-owners ?, does the property belong to an individual or legal entity? when did they buy this property? Do they have any debt obligations to banks?)
  • General description of the property: number and type of rooms, total area, share of ownership
  • Location of real estate;
  • Type of real estate; - Land area or share in the ownership of the site;
  • The boundaries of the land;
  • The total area of ​​real estate;
  • Carpet area of ​​real estate;
  • Classification of the type of real estate: residential, for agricultural purposes, etc.
  • Classification of land: rural, urban or to be built;
  • Any costs, debts or other encumbrances on the right to own property. For example, the remaining amounts of a mortgage loan, unpaid municipal taxes, information about the loss of the right to repurchase mortgaged property;
  • Other;

The document also indicates the notary information and registration record. WTG Spain always meets its customers and assists in obtaining Nota Simple.

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