Buying property in Spain without intermediaries

Buying property in Spain without intermediaries

When people start considering the purchase of property in Spain, they often think that they can save money by spending days in Internet, searching, and buying property in Spain directly from the owner. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. It is not the way to save. People overpay when they buy WITHOUT an intermediary. This feature shows what Spain really is, and what most people are unaware of. Here are a couple of reasons why.

For you (for the buyer), real estate services are completely free, since they are always paid by the seller in Spain. If you contact the seller of real estate “directly” without an intermediary, you will not save a penny. Since, in accordance with Spanish law, the cost of the same primary real estate from the seller, and through the real estate company, must be the same. So you definitely do not overpay anything.

Moreover, some professional real estate companies offer free:

  • accommodation,
  • transfer from the airport,
  • sightseeing tours of real estate,
  • receiving discounts and gift certificates,
  • translation services, and much more...

In Spain, a professional intermediary will definitely save you precious money, time and effort. The most important thing now is to find a truly worthy and professional real estate company that will spend the power of its entire team just for you.

Also, here is another common mistake. It is simultaneous work with several real estate companies in order to "make sure." We never recommend you to do this. Since none of these companies will work with you with full dedication. But if you still decide to work with several companies at the same time, in the hope that they will not know about it, we hasten to upset you.

All of the real estate companies in Spain are interconnected by one single client base and your simultaneous appeal will immediately become apparent. So it is better to trust ONE professional team with a good reputation, which will spend 100% of their time and effort on you.

One more common mistake is the desire to find a good object on your own through the "Spanish sites for the sale of real estate." On these sites in most cases you will not see the relevant information. The objects that are placed there are usually just “dummies”. This is called "window-door luring". When someone puts up a very beautiful house at a very low price, you call, and you hear the answer "This house was sold out just… yesterday. But I can offer you something else... even better. "

Naturally, this is a trick. When you will meet, you are likely to see a terrible house for a lot of money. The scheme is old as the real estate itself, and we think you should know about it, not to spend your time and energy on such amateurs.

Also, when buying a property on your own, you will probably encounter a number of problems, such as:

  • You do not have a complete database with all the real estate objects, relevant on the market,
  • You will have to spend a lot of money on housing and transport, and most Important your time, in the process of independent search, and review of interesting objects,
  • Then you need to find an honest lawyer and a notary public, to complete all the necessary documentation, and etc.

So, working independently contains a great risk of being deceived. To avoid such problems, we strongly recommend that you contact a professional.

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