What is WTG Spain?

  •  WTG Spain is the largest database of primary real estate, with all properties sold at developer prices, WITHOUT any hidden commissions or any fees paid by the client. 
  • WTG Spain is a team of multilingual realtors who will give you advise in your native language and assist you in finding the property that suits you best. 
  • WTG Spain is a team of professional lawyers and attorneys with extensive real estate experience who will provide you with qualified services and assistance in buying real estate, obtaining a residence, GOLD VISA, registration, health insurance, and so on.
  • WTG Spain is a large team of videographers, editors, and top bloggers who produce daily entertaining and high-quality informative content in your local language about Spain and its best real estate.
  • WTG Spain is a team of managers who will assist you in obtaining the most possible rental income from the property you have purchased, as Spain is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, and the demand for rental accommodation here is continually increasing.
  • WTG Spain is more than fifteen years of experience in the real estate market and over three thousand satisfied customers who have made their dream come true

«WTG Spain» provides the following services:

  • Remote consultation of the best realtors, lawyers, and attorneys with many years of experience.
  • Remote selection and e-mailing of the best properties meeting all your requirements.
  • Arranging your arrival to Spain for a personal overview of your favourite properties, including accommodation.
  • A virtual tour of the property via video chat, if you do NOT have the opportunity to come to Spain.
  • A real-life tour of the property accompanied by your personal realtor including a tour of nearby locations like beaches, parks, schools, shops, and so on if you DO have the opportunity to come to Spain.
  • Making any changes to the layout and design of the property you've chosen, as well as the choice of finishing materials, furniture, appliances, etc.
  • Formal registration of a 10-year warranty on any property, a 3-year warranty on all finish materials and furniture, a 2-year warranty on all house electrical appliances, and a bank guarantee for all your money transfers.
  • Preparation of all necessary purchase and sale documents.
  • Assistance in moving to Spain and after-sales service. 
And all this is completely free because all real estate services when buying primary real estate in Spain are paid by the seller (that is, the developer).

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