6 steps to buying property in Spain.

1. Consulting 

A remote consultation is the first step in the property purchase process. We need to know all your requirements and wishes for the property of "your dream" in Spain, including the type of property, location and distance from the sea, the purpose of the purchase, your budget, and so on.

Based on all this information, we will prepare and e-mail you a selection of all the objects that best suit your individual needs. And you will be able to see the properties on this list that you liked the most during the review tour that we will arrange for you when you arrive in Spain.

Until you arrive in Spain, you will probably have a lot of additional questions about the purchasing process, the registration of documents or mortgages, the moving process, and so on. By calling the hotline at the number displayed on the screen right now, you can get detailed answers to all of your questions for free.
(From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday).

2. Meeting

At this stage, we will meet you at the airport and place you in a comfortable apartment. Please note that airport transfers and property review tours are absolutely free. To schedule a meeting, all you need to do is dial the hotline number displayed on the screen and book a date and time for your arrival in Spain to view the property.

3. Viewing 

During this stage, you will go around the coast with the WTG Spain manager to see the objects of your choice that we have selected and prepared for your visit.
For your convenience, we have foreseen two options: you can see one property in one day or you a 3-to-5-day viewing tour to see multiple objects and their location, including nearby beaches, parks, schools, shops and supermarkets, bars, and restaurants, and so on.

In addition, depending on your wishes, we can adjust the viewing tour scenario by excluding or adding new properties for inspection.
And after the viewing tour, you can ask the WTG Spain manager for a return visit to your favourite properties.

4. Choosing a property 

So, if you find your Spanish "dream house" during the property viewing tour, you will enter into a reservation agreement with the developer (property owner), under which the object of your choice will be removed from the sale list and assigned solely to you.

Then you will pay the first instalment, which will range between three and six thousand euros (depending on the property cost).

Please note that if you change your mind about buying the selected property AFTER you have paid for the reserve, the developer can either refund the full value of the reserve or apply it to another of his properties.

5. Processing papers

At this stage, we will prepare all relevant documentation for signing a sales contract with a notary. We will assist you with obtaining an NIE (a foreigner tax identification number), opening a bank account in Spain, gathering the essential paperwork for a mortgage (if applicable), and so on.

After all of the documents are complete, you will deposit the needed sum in the presence of a notary and receive the keys to your own home in Spain!

6. After-sale service 

At this stage, the WTG Spain team will gladly assist you with your move to Spain, including registering for residency, acquiring health insurance for yourself and all members of your family, locating kindergartens and schools for your children, and much more...

If you have bought the property as an investment or seasonal residence, we will help you make money by renting out your real estate profitably since Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and the demand for rental housing is constantly growing here.


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