Buying house in Spain

Buying house in Spain

If you decided to buy the house in Spain, you are on the right way, because you will get tons of benefits from this purchase. Spain is warm, Mediterranean climate, bright sun, fresh air and wonderful beaches. This lovely country annually attract millions of tourists, therefore the owner of the house in Spain can surely expect high profits from leasing it.

Buying house in Spain

The majority of property buyers are often very interested in buying the house by the sea in Spain. It is important to remember one unspoken but the essential rule: "the closer house to the sea, the more expensive it is". At the same time leasing the house by the sea will also bring more profit. In conditions of such a high tourist interest to the country it is safe to say, that a tenant for the property will be surely found, especially in the warm period.

House prices in Spain

Looking for the answer on the question "how much does the house in Spain cost?", it is necessary to examine in detail price changes by regions. For example, in Catalonia and particularly in Barcelona house prices are on a quite high level. There is also such tendency in the Basque Country, especially in San Sebastian city.

More moderate cost is the price of this property type in Andalusia, for instance on the Costa del Sol coast. More affordable prices for buyers are still ones in the Valencia Community, in particular on the Costa Blanca coast. Therefore, if you tend to buy the house in Spain cheap, you should pay attention to this area.

For example, buying house in Madrid or Barcelona can cost from 500 000€ to 800 000€ – in this price range objects of not the most prestigious areas will only be available. You should understand that property prices in luxury areas of these two Spanish mega-cities can reach tens of millions euros.

The house prices on the Costa del Sol and Costa Brava coasts range between 300 000-500 000€. And on the Costa Blanca coast the house can be bought even for 100 000-150 000€, but, on the average, the house cost ranges between 200 000-250 000€ here.

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