Buy apartments on Costa Blanca

Buy apartments on Costa Blanca

Buy apartments on Costa Blanca is a popular request for Internet search engines. Hundreds of foreign investors see this as a very profitable investment.  And they are right If ordinary tourists are pleased, first of all, with the beautiful beaches with white sand and warm climate, and buyers of real estate on Costa Blanca are pleased with reasonable prices for housing.

Buy apartments on Costa Blanca

Apartments on Costa Blanca, price

The cost of apartments on Costa Blanca remains one of the lowest in whole Spain. To buy an apartment here - means to provide yourself an opportunity to live and relax on the Mediterranean coast, and also to rent the accommodation to tourists, - who come here in high season, - profitably. One of the most popular resorts of Costa Blanca - the city of Torrevieja - which is famous for its magnificent beaches and healing salty lakes. 

Prices for apartments in Torrevieja on average vary from 1100 to 1400 € per 1 square meter. The studio can be bought here even for 35 000 to 50 000 €, apartment with 1-2 bedrooms - for 45 000 to 80 000 €, with 3 bedrooms - in the range of 70 000 - 150 000 €.

In the center of the province of the same name - the city of Alicante - the cost of one square meter is about 1300 €. Only here you can buy an apartment with 2 bedrooms for 50 000-60 000 €, and meanwhile it is likely to be located close to the sea. A luxury apartment in Alicante by the sea will cost a little more - from 100 000-150 000 €.

It will be more expensive to buy apartments in a new building. In general, the price of real estate in Spain directly depends on the quality of repair, location and distance from the sea. Therefore, apartments in a prestigious area with quality repairs and close to the sea can be bought at a price that will be significantly more expensive than the market average.

Recently, the sale of apartments on Costa Blanca is very large, but finding a good variant here is still quite simple. Call our managers, and they will help you find that offer in the Spanish property market, which will closely match your preliminary requests.

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