Buy apartments in Torrevieja

Buy apartments in Torrevieja

"Buy apartments in Torrevieja" - this is the query often written in the search of a browser by investors, who are going to invest in Spanish real estate profitably. And this is quite logical because real estate in the market of Torrevieja perfectly combines the indicators of value and quality. Here you can buy comfortable accommodation on the beach for quite an affordable price and will be able to use it not only for your own residence but also for a profitable lease.

Buy apartments in Torrevieja

Apartments in Torrevieja, prices

To buy apartments in Torrevieja is easier than in many other cities of Spain. This has long been understood by buyers from all over the world. The cost of apartments in this city is very moderate - on average, the cost of this type of housing varies between 1000-1400 € per 1 square meter here. It should be pointed out that such low prices for real estate are typical for the whole coast of Costa Blanca.

If you want to buy apartments in Torrevieja cheaply, you can stop your choice on a studio. This type of real estate can be bought even for 40 000 - 50 000 € here. Apartments with 1-2 bedrooms are a bit more expensive - in the range from 50 000 to 80 000 €. The price for an apartment with 3 bedrooms in Torrevieja starts from about 70 000 - 80 000 € and can go up to 100 000 - 150 000 €.

The cost of apartments in Spain is influenced by four main factors:

  • the market (primary, secondary),
  • the region (particular city, coast, etc.),
  • distance from the sea (1st, 2nd line and etc.),
  • quality of repair.

Based on these parameters, you can estimate approximately what budget is needed to purchase the housing you are interested in. Today, buying apartments in Torrevieja is pretty simple. To do this, you just need to call our managers who will help you choose the option based on your requirements and budget.

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