Buy a villa on Costa Blanca

Buy a villa on Costa Blanca

It is quite prestigious to buy a villa on Costa Blanca and live on the first line to the sea, or in a closed urban area. This purchase would emphasize your high status once again. In addition, that’s exactly the region, where you can buy a villa at a very affordable price.

Planning to buy a villa, you should consider the most important factors of such a purchase. In particular, the location, the presence of the developed infrastructure, distance from beaches and so on.

Buy a villa on Costa Blanca

Prices for villas in Spain (Costa Blanca)

Villa on Costa Blanca with 4-5 bedrooms can be bought even for 180 000-250 000 €. It should be pointed out that affordable prices for housing of different types are observed in all cities of this region. If you are looking for a luxury villa on Costa Blanca, then the cost of this property starts in the range of 500 000 € and up to several million euros.

Naturally, most buyers tend to buy a villa on Costa Blanca closer to the sea. But do not forget this pattern: the closer a house to the sea, the higher its price.

But if you take into account the high tourist demand of the resort towns of this region, then buying even expensive housing by the sea will eventually be paid off, because it will bring a considerable income from renting it out, especially in a high season.

In addition, you should not forget that even if you don’t have enough money to buy a villa on Costa Blanca today, don’t give up on your dream!  Here you can always buy housing in a mortgage on very favorable conditions.

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