Buy a villa in Torrevieja

Buy a villa in Torrevieja

If you are interested in housing in Spain, an excellent solution will be to choose the Costa Blanca and buy a villa in Torrevieja.  As you know, hundreds of buyers have already rightfully assessed all the advantages of this cozy resort town, buying real estate here.  Due to the popularity of the city among EU citizens, here you will feel as if you were at home. Employees of most shops and restaurants understand English well. And English is often heard here, even on the street.

Buy a villa in Torrevieja

And Torrevieja has a mild climate, beautiful beaches, healing salt lakes and well-developed infrastructure.  If you are looking for a villa in Spain, for the purpose of living or for a profitable lease of real estate - it means that you have come at the right place indeed. One of the main issues in buying a villa in Spain is the price of the objects of this real estate type, so then let’s move on to the main thing.

Prices for villas in Torrevieja

It is quite real to buy a villa in Torrevieja cheaply because Costa Blanca is just famous for quite affordable prices for housing.  Here you can buy a villa even for 180 000-250 000 €.  If you want to buy an ordinary house in Torrevieja, it will cost a little less - about 140 000-180 000 €.  Luxury villas cost about half a million and up to several million euros here.

Most investors, of course, want to buy a villa in Torrevieja by the sea.  But we must remember: the closer the real estate to the sea, the higher its price.  Nevertheless, due to the high tourist demand of the resort, buying expensive housing by the sea is quite justified here, as it starts to generate income by leasing it, especially in the summer.

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