Buy a house on Costa Blanca

Buy a house on Costa Blanca

Buy a house in the Costa Blanca is a solution that will allow you not only to live or relax in the warmest country in Europe, but also to earn good money by renting a house. This coast is one of the most attractive resort regions of the country, that's why wealthy foreign tourists come here every year.

Buy a house on Costa Blanca

House prices in Spain (Costa Blanca)

Prices for houses on the "White Coast" are still quite affordable for buyers. That's why Torrevieja, Alicante, Banidorm, Denia, Javea and other cities are very popular among the foreign real estate buyers. If you want to buy a house in Spain cheap, pay attention to this region. Nevertheless, here you can find expensive luxury properties, because the range of housing prices here is the widest.

On the Costa Blanca coast, you can buy a house on average for 200 000-250 000 €. But, for example, in Torrevieja you can buy a house even for 100 000-150 000 €, but on average, looking for a house in this city, it is better to expect a budget of 150 000-200 000 €.

Another type of property can be bought quite inexpensively on the Costa Blanca - townhouses, low-rise apartment building, which combines the features of a country villa and a comfortable apartment. If independence from neighbors and a high level of comfort are important for you, then townhouses on the Costa Blanca are waiting for you!

Modern Spanish townhouses are usually two-story buildings with their own garden and a place for the pool. They have more space than in the apartments, but they are more compact than the villas.

Prices for such properties on the Costa Blanca range from an average of 80 000 to 220 000 €. The luxury housing of this kind can cost much more than 240 000-350 000 €.

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