Buy a house in Torrevieja

Buy a house in Torrevieja

If you are looking for a property in Spain, it's a good idea to choose the Costa Blanca coast and buy a house in Torrevieja. The composition of the city's residents is very international and many of them speak English. According to average estimates, about 60 languages of the world exist perfectly in Torrevieja.

Among them: English, German, Russian, Italian, French and a group of languages of the Scandinavian countries. Therefore, there will never be any problems with understanding in shops, restaurants or just during the walk along the amazingly beautiful streets of the city. 

Buy a house in Torrevieha

Employees of most shops and restaurants there understand English perfectly, you can often hear English language simply on the street. And Torrevieja has also an excellent climate, beautiful beaches, healing salt lakes and well-developed infrastructure. If you are looking for a house in Spain, for the purpose of living or profitable renting - then you're at the right place!

House prices in Torrevieja

It is entirely possible to buy a house in Torrevieja inexpensive, because Costa Blanca is exactly famous for its affordable housing prices. Here you can buy a house even for 100 000-150 000 €, but on average it's better to expect a budget of 150 000-250 000 €.

If you want to buy a villa in Torrevieja, you should count on a budget of 200,000 €. The luxury villas here cost about half a million and up to several million euros.

Most buyers, of course, want to buy a house in Torrevieja closer to the sea. But you need to remember a simple rule: "The closer a housing to the sea, the more expensive it is."

But due to the high tourist demand of Torrevieja, the purchase of expensive housing by the sea is quite reasonable, because it will be paid off pretty quickly due to the profitable leasing of it, especially during the swimming season, which lasts longer in Spain than in any other country in Europe.

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