Buy a flat in Torrevieja

Buy a flat in Torrevieja

Buying a flat in Torrevieja is a perfect solution for those who want to acquire a home in Spain for themselves or for the renting. Torrevieja is famous for its warm climate (320 sunny days a year), excellent beaches and healing salty lakes.

Here you will feel as if you were at home – after all, most people in the shops, cafes, and restaurants understand the English language. In addition, it is quite easy to buy a flat in Torrevieja, as property prices are quite affordable.

Buy a flat in Torrevieja

Torrevieja is located almost in an ideal place for living and relaxing and is considered as one of the most attractive resort towns of Costa Blanca. It is also perfect for those who are looking for affordable accommodation in Spain. By the way, lots of people have already chosen to buy housing in Torrevieja.

Many Germans, Englishmen, and Scandinavians also live here. The city has well-developed infrastructure and transport system – the nearest airport is located in Alicante – it’s about 40 km (less than an hour's drive).

Flat prices in Torrevieja

The prices for real estate in Torrevieja are very reasonable – on average, the cost of flats varies between 1100-1400 euros per 1 square meter here. Quite often there are also housing in the market, which bank has as collateral and which has even more affordable prices.

The most affordable choice of a flat is a studio, and the cost of such housing varies from 35 000 to 50 000 euros on average. If you plan to buy a flat in Torrevieja inexpensively, for example, with 1-2 bedrooms, it will cost about 45,000-80,000 euros. The average price of a flat with 3 bedrooms is in the range of 70 000 to 150 000 euros.

It will be more expensive to buy a flat in Torrevieja in a new building. The cost of real estate in Spain directly depends on the quality of repair, location and distance to the sea. Therefore, flats in a prestigious area with a good repair and near the sea are much more expensive than the average market value.

Buying a flat in Torrevieja is quite simple nowadays. To do this, you just need to call our managers, they will help you make the right choice that will be perfect for your needs and budget. Don’t forget that in Spain you can get a mortgage on favorable terms.

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